Never Wear These Several Things(Crossdressing/ MTF Transgender Tips)


Do you like to dress up like a woman? You have many choices to express your feminine style. Whether it's a girlish look, a classic style, or a sexy style, it needs something completely different to decorate you. This means that you should have a Do Not Wear list. After all, there are definitely a few things don't fit you. Keep reading the following things you should put on your list.

1. Too short skirt

Most crossdressers and transgenders have beautiful legs, and they look great in short skirts and dresses. However, if your skirt is too short to ride up. You have to keep pulling to prevent it from rising during the date. Then such a skirt is not for you. Because nothing is more distracting than seeing a beautiful and charming woman who keeps pulling her clothes.

2. A cheap and poor quality wig

When people see you, the first thing they notice is your hair. A cheap, shabby wig is the wrong decision to attract attention. If you need to wear a wig, be sure to buy a high-quality wig and take good care of it. Always keep this in mind that hair can have a big impact on your appearance. A full, shiny hair will make you shine from the ordinary, helping you better show your female side.

3. The unfit underwear

Unfit bras and underpants are not only uncomfortable, but can also create unpleasant bumps and wrinkles under your clothes. Who needs such underwear? Since there are 70% of girls choose the wrong size bra, be sure to choose the right size when buying lingerie.

4. Strong perfume

The right perfume will make people feel your irresistibly feminine, but it should never be so strong that people will notice you first. A good rule for using perfume correctly is to apply it two times to one or two parts of your body, such as your wrist and neck, not more than four times at a time. Of course, finding the perfume that suits yourself is very important prerequisite.

5. Excessive makeup

Speaking of makeup, less is more. A soft and natural look will always be more feminine and pleasing than excessive makeup. Are you still worried about your makeup skills? There are numerous ways to improve your makeup skills, such as following makeup artists on Instagram or Twitter, or signing up for makeup classes. As long as you work hard, you can also become a beauty queen.

6. High heels that you can't walk in

Sexy high heels can make you look noble and gorgeous, but only if you can walk in them. As transvestites and transgenders, learning high heels can be difficult. If you have trouble wearing high heels, try these tips: wear high heels 3 inches or lower, or wear thicker shoes, try to avoid thick heels.

7. Wear bad clothing or accessories

When you wear bad clothes or accessories, it's hard to think like you're a cool, glamorous woman. So go get a good look at your clothes, underwear and accessories, and regularly clean or throw away clothes and accessories you don't need.

Common Errors that People Make When Talking about Transgender People


If you are writing about trans people, use their correct pronouns, even if you are talking about their life pre-transition. The only exception to this is if that trans person gives you specific permission to do otherwise. So, if they are a trans woman, you'll probably refer to them using she/her/hers. If they are a trans man, probably he/him/his. And if they are non-binary, there are a lot of opinions for pronouns, but often they will go by them/they/their. Whatever pronouns a person asks you to use, just use them. It's polite and respectful, and "they" can be used as a singular pronoun.

Be sure to recognize that for many people, their trans experience isn't binary. Transgender is an umbrella term for anyone whose gender doesn't match the gender they were assigned at birth. For non-binary people, this can mean that they were assigned male at birth but now identify as non-binary. So instead of saying "the opposite gender", you can just say "a different gender", since there are more than two options.

If you need to talk about a trans person's appearance, don't say that they "look like a man" or "look like a woman", because that can be insulting and very arbitrary. For example, instead you can say that they "pass as a cis man" or "are often perceived as a woman". "passing" means that most people are perceiving them a certain way. If a trans man is "passing" as a cis man, it means that most strangers are perceiving him as a man. Likewise, if you say someone is often perceived as a woman, that can speak to their experience in dealing with misogyny without claiming that they look a certain way. "Passing" is generally used when someone is perceived as the gender they are and want to be as, while "often perceived as" is more generally used when someone doesn't want to pass a certain gender but they have to because of fear of losing their job, or fear of their safety, or because their facial structure is more masculine or more feminine, or something else they can't control. Likewise, "presenting as" is generally used when someone is explicitly trying to pass as the gender they are and want to be perceived as. So, a trans woman wearing a dress and makeup can often e described as "presenting feminine" or something like that.

Don't ask trans people about their genitals during transgender dating. What genitals they have, and what surgeries they do or don't have, that's all private information. You wouldn't ask a cis person about their genitals. So don't ask a trans person. Related to that, asking about other surgeries or hormones or transition-related things is unnecessary. A lot of that is really personal for trans people, and while many might feel uncomfortable when answering that questions, it's really one that you don't need to ask. If a trans person brings it up first, go ahead and talk to them about it, but make sure they are okay with it. Obviously, if you are good friends with someone and you know that they are comfortable, just talking about it. But as a stranger or at a ts dating, try to avoid asking trans people invasive and privacy questions about their transition.

Dating a Transgender Person #key points

#Educate Yourself

You must understand that this is really important you must educate yourself when you are on a date with a trans person. Don't start an exam with them asking your own questions. Transgender people are not there to educate you on any topic like this. Get your knowledge from external sources. You may think you know what a trans person is, but if all your knowledge came from popular media, you might actually have no idea and not even realize it. Look, it is okay not to know everything and this is also true that it is impossible to know everything.

Listen, if you think you can trans person this kinda question and that also on a date you are not gonna get any more chances with that guy or girl.Crossing boundaries can quickly turn the person off.That is one of the stupid things to do on a trans dating. One of the things they are going to do after this is to simply ignore you.

#Make your surrounding comfortable

This goes with everyone trans non trans, you have to make your surrounding as comfortable as it can be. It's date, you know date. It has to be fun and love all around kind of a situation. Make them comfortable by using the correct pronouns they would like to listen. Do not assume anything by yourself. And always remember don't rush into things just listen to them and go with your instincts.

For someone who doesn't have this kind of dysphoria, it may be hard to understand, but if the shemales you're dating says that a certain body part is off limits, respect that. You should be paying attention to their ease and comforts with you. Only then you can think of moving forward with them. It is about doing the things for each other not just for your selfish reasons.

Most trans people have body dysphoria, which means that they have an inherent discomfort with certain parts of their body, usually their primary and secondary sex characteristics. So they need extra care being with someone else. They may not feel as comfortable with you so easily as they do with their own self. So you need to take care of them with extra efforts. Sometimes people can adapt a little as they become more familiar with you, but don't count on it.

#Take Your Time

Do not rush. Take you time. That's not the right way specially with your new trans date. Stop rushing. Rushing never helped anyone when it comes to trans dating. It takes time to get to know someone, and honestly most women don’t know themselves very well either so don't take anything for granted just go with the flow.

#Remember That Your Date is More Than Just a Trans Person

Listen, stop judging them for being a trans. First of all if you are dating them that means you are willing to accept them as who they are. And that's right way to be with someone. Accept them with all your heart. Love them care for them treat them as you want yourself to get treated. Respect them with all your heart. Always remember they are more than your date. Do your best to see them as what they are: human beings, with their own wants, needs and fantasies.

And never assume things from your own mind like thinking very positively for your future from their side also. Take time and slowly rush into taking your decisions like that. They are also human being. They are dating you that doesn't guarantee any kind of commitment from their side.

Pressure and Prejudice on Transgender Women

People who like transgender women are always questioning their sexual orientation and gender identity, they even feel guilty in their daily life. Many guys are interested in trans dating, they are attracted to transgender women, people may wonder if they are gay. Obviously not, they are trans-oriented men, not gay. This is a term is created to describe men who are attracted to transgender women. Unlike cisgender men, they like do date transgender women, they like to choose transgender women as their life partners. They are serious in trans dating and the love relationship with trans women.

Transgender people are more and more accepted by our society, ts dating is a common way of dating now. We are so happy that misconceptions and prejudice on transgender people are slowly disappearing. It means that transgender people are more likely to be accepted and respect by the world. In the past, people had misunderstanding on transgender people. When it comes to transgender people, they were mostly associated with sex industry. Many transgender women are treated as fetishes or the desire of sex. Porn industry mislead people's opinions on transgender people, all transgender people, especially trans women need a fair and safe live and dating environment.

Transgender people's pressure also from work places. Transgender people are hard to find a job, low employment rate leads to low living standard, so life for transgender people is harder than other people. Fortunately, due to the influence of many famous transgender people and all transgender people and communities' hard-working, transgender people are more acceptable than before. As the situation is better than ever before, transgender people are active to find their life partners, more and more people want to date transgender people, and even have a long-term relationship. In order to meet the dating need of transgender people, there are many trans dating apps. For example, Transdr is a trans dating app which is only designed for transgender people and their admirers. With the help of trans dating platform, transgender people can make more friends and even meet their perfect life partners. As far as I know, trans dating app is the most efficient way of dating for transgender people.

When date with transgender women. men may question their own sexual orientation. In fact, dating transgender women doesn't mean you are gay. Just like date a cisgender woman, dating a transgender woman is normal and acceptable. Why more and more people want to date transgender women? A recent study shows that men like to date transgender women because of their beauty. We all know that most of transgender women are more beautiful than cisgender women. However, gays only date men. Transgender women are real women, so, dating transgender women never make you gay. Most importantly, no matter why you date transgender people, please love and respect them, do the same as what you do when date cisgender girl. Transgender people need more respect and understanding. Dating transgender women only if you can full accept and respect them.

Ways To Meet Transgender Women

Trans dating app is a common way to meet transgender women, it has helped many guys met their trans dating partner. Trans dating app is a platform for trans people and cisgender people to find their trans dating partners. However, one thing you need to remember is that, trans dating app is only for open minded-people, where to meet trans women if someone likes old-fashioned dating ways.

First, let me introduce some ts dating app to you, then I'll introduce some places to meet trans women. Trans dating app, Transdr is one of the top trans dating apps. It is a tinder like trans dating app which is designed for transgender people and their admirers to meet each other. Tinder is the most famous dating app for all people to find their life partners, if you are experienced in online dating, you may very familiar with tinder. Transdr is the tinder app for all trans people and cisgender people who want to date trans people. Comparing with other trans dating apps, Transdr is young but experienced. You can read its users review to know more about Transdr. All its features are designed to help its users to find their partners in an easy way. If you are looking for a trans dating partner, Transdr is your best choice.

If you are the one who like old-fashioned dating ways, there are also some places for you to meet trans women. The first place is trans community. The same as any other community and social groups, trans community is a gathering of trans people. It is a great platform for all trans people to make friends and communicate with each other. If you want to meet trans people, you can join a trans community as someone who is interested in trans dating. However, you need to remember that be serious when date a trans person, treat them with love and respect. The second place to meet trans women is bar or club. This is a common place for all singles to meet their lovers. Trans women often drinking in the bar and waiting for their lovers here. If you want to meet a trans woman in real life, you can go to a bar in the night.

You should know that safety is always a serious problem for all trans women, so they tend to choose safe and peaceful bars with many other trans people here. Not all bars are suitable for trans women, so you need to make a careful study before choosing a bar or club. Finally, you can also join some festival party of trans people, this is another way to meet more trans women. You need to search online or ask other trans people for advice before joining a trans party, because there are some special habits, and you should know about the festival very clearly. No matter where to meet trans women, it is very important to know about them in advance. Only if you know them very well, then you will know how to attract them and how to get on with them.

Some Obvious Characteristics of A Transgender Chaser

 "A special woman" is a common refrain of transgender chasers. While this is not necessarily a sign, it is often. I can't tell you how many times I've counted a hand that was called "special" but showed no other signs. Many of these men, who refer to women as "special," are so out of touch with women that they are chasing transgender women. The next important sign to note is that he has just announced that he thinks women are too difficult to understand. This means you need to get away from him immediately. There is no doubt that men and women think differently, but this is nothing new. That doesn't mean trans people are less difficult or more suitable for these men. Many of the problems they may face are lack of communication, and if so, it's not a good idea to pursue transgender women who will fight back. In some cases, these men are not only controlling, but controlling, and most women, transgender or not, don't tolerate this behavior.

Another obvious sign was that his sexual fantasies involved having a transgender woman, absolutely nothing else. Even if there is no law against it, common courtesy will take them a long way. What's the problem with the suitor? They don't seem to realize that transgender people do this every day. Sadly, suitors don't value these women, they are just looking for sexual success and satisfaction. We're not talking about men who don't stop pursuing even when they're rejected. They just can't seem to accept the "no" answer. When it comes to trans date, they will try every effort to chase a great transgender woman.

After saying disrespectful words, one cannot satirize appropriately. If a man can't cope with a transgender woman defending himself, it can be a big problem for these men. When you talk to women, or show them what they think about a problem, they know it's not their problem. These people will take advantage of your insecurities as part of the game. This is a very important feature that should be discussed carefully. If you ignore this, you will suddenly wake up in the search for personal happiness. Many of us fall into this trap more than once because of our innocence. You will waste your time on people who will never allow you to do this to them. Gender anxiety can be a difficult thing to deal with and quite tiring. Remember, if these people know that you have any kind of insecurity, they will use that insecurity against you, and if they are vicious enough, they may even play a trick on you. Once someone knows you are transgender, they know your deepest fears and scars.Transgender dating is a way they can get to know of transgender people.

If they know you have fidgety problems and are insecure, they can use them against you. They might say, "your cheekbones are too big" or "have you had your breasts enlarged?" These comments may be unexpected because you never ask for their opinion. Their goal is obvious, and if there's one thing you don't need, it's that someone is expecting answers to these rude questions.

We hope this article has been helpful, especially if you're new to transgender dating and sexual interaction. You should pay attention to these symbols because they are very accurate. Hopefully this information will help you understand how important self-esteem and self-love are and will bring you the peace of mind you deserve.

How to Become Passable as a Transgender Woman

There are some ways I gathered after several years of transitioning and now living as a transgender woman full time. I have been going out on several transgender dating and have never been clocked. These are the tips I used.

I genuinely wanted to obtain a feminine body and stay fit, so I started to do the right things for myself, including strictly followed the healthy diet plan. This is very rewarding for trans dating fans. This was not an extreme diet, but proved to be healthy by medical. I also practiced a lot. I went to gym and jogging every day. In 5 months, I lost most of my fat on my waist and thigh. I also gained some muscle on my stomach. I gotta say, having abdominal muscles can be really attractive. Now I can wear the mini-skirt I have always wanted to wear. Victory!

Waxing. Hair can be very torturous. No one wants to have a trans dating with a hairy shemale. All transgender women are facing with the same problem. They are on the face, on the chest, hands, arm, legs and armpits. Having all that hair on your body is definitely the opposite of feminine. There was a laser hair remover clinic near my house, so I went their regularly. Now, you can hardly find any hair anywhere on my body. I suggest that you should all go to such clinic and get your hair down as soon as possible. It might not be so cheap, but it was totally worth it. Before you finished your hair, do not wear any showy clothes that could possibly expose your thick hair.

Learn how to treat yourself and love yourself. I totally understand the feeling of self-abasement and self-hating. There was a period of time when I was disgusted by myself just by looking at the mirror. At that time, I was trying to end my life with a blade and luckily, I was found by my mon and saved my life. Now every time I looked back, I would thank my mom for finding me, so that I can live my life so happy now. Being a transgender woman is a road full of trouble and loneliness. There is obstacles everywhere on the road. You should definitely prepare for that before. Even if you can't, find peace with yourself. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are not alone. As soon as you get pass that period of time, everything will be so much better. You are not alone. If you tell a transgender person about your sufferings, he/she would definitely fill you with another experience which is even more pity than yours. But there is always bright side. The motivate of being a woman will be the power of you carrying on. I assure you that the result will be very rewarding.

It may be hard to learn to love yourself, but please do. By keeping a balanced diet and things I mentioned above. Learn the changes of your body and add the femininity. You will be more confidence and happier definitely in the after-coming transgender dating.