Never Wear These Several Things(Crossdressing/ MTF Transgender Tips)


Do you like to dress up like a woman? You have many choices to express your feminine style. Whether it's a girlish look, a classic style, or a sexy style, it needs something completely different to decorate you. This means that you should have a Do Not Wear list. After all, there are definitely a few things don't fit you. Keep reading the following things you should put on your list.

1. Too short skirt

Most crossdressers and transgenders have beautiful legs, and they look great in short skirts and dresses. However, if your skirt is too short to ride up. You have to keep pulling to prevent it from rising during the date. Then such a skirt is not for you. Because nothing is more distracting than seeing a beautiful and charming woman who keeps pulling her clothes.

2. A cheap and poor quality wig

When people see you, the first thing they notice is your hair. A cheap, shabby wig is the wrong decision to attract attention. If you need to wear a wig, be sure to buy a high-quality wig and take good care of it. Always keep this in mind that hair can have a big impact on your appearance. A full, shiny hair will make you shine from the ordinary, helping you better show your female side.

3. The unfit underwear

Unfit bras and underpants are not only uncomfortable, but can also create unpleasant bumps and wrinkles under your clothes. Who needs such underwear? Since there are 70% of girls choose the wrong size bra, be sure to choose the right size when buying lingerie.

4. Strong perfume

The right perfume will make people feel your irresistibly feminine, but it should never be so strong that people will notice you first. A good rule for using perfume correctly is to apply it two times to one or two parts of your body, such as your wrist and neck, not more than four times at a time. Of course, finding the perfume that suits yourself is very important prerequisite.

5. Excessive makeup

Speaking of makeup, less is more. A soft and natural look will always be more feminine and pleasing than excessive makeup. Are you still worried about your makeup skills? There are numerous ways to improve your makeup skills, such as following makeup artists on Instagram or Twitter, or signing up for makeup classes. As long as you work hard, you can also become a beauty queen.

6. High heels that you can't walk in

Sexy high heels can make you look noble and gorgeous, but only if you can walk in them. As transvestites and transgenders, learning high heels can be difficult. If you have trouble wearing high heels, try these tips: wear high heels 3 inches or lower, or wear thicker shoes, try to avoid thick heels.

7. Wear bad clothing or accessories

When you wear bad clothes or accessories, it's hard to think like you're a cool, glamorous woman. So go get a good look at your clothes, underwear and accessories, and regularly clean or throw away clothes and accessories you don't need.