How to Become Passable as a Transgender Woman

There are some ways I gathered after several years of transitioning and now living as a transgender woman full time. I have been going out on several transgender dating and have never been clocked. These are the tips I used.

I genuinely wanted to obtain a feminine body and stay fit, so I started to do the right things for myself, including strictly followed the healthy diet plan. This is very rewarding for trans dating fans. This was not an extreme diet, but proved to be healthy by medical. I also practiced a lot. I went to gym and jogging every day. In 5 months, I lost most of my fat on my waist and thigh. I also gained some muscle on my stomach. I gotta say, having abdominal muscles can be really attractive. Now I can wear the mini-skirt I have always wanted to wear. Victory!

Waxing. Hair can be very torturous. No one wants to have a trans dating with a hairy shemale. All transgender women are facing with the same problem. They are on the face, on the chest, hands, arm, legs and armpits. Having all that hair on your body is definitely the opposite of feminine. There was a laser hair remover clinic near my house, so I went their regularly. Now, you can hardly find any hair anywhere on my body. I suggest that you should all go to such clinic and get your hair down as soon as possible. It might not be so cheap, but it was totally worth it. Before you finished your hair, do not wear any showy clothes that could possibly expose your thick hair.

Learn how to treat yourself and love yourself. I totally understand the feeling of self-abasement and self-hating. There was a period of time when I was disgusted by myself just by looking at the mirror. At that time, I was trying to end my life with a blade and luckily, I was found by my mon and saved my life. Now every time I looked back, I would thank my mom for finding me, so that I can live my life so happy now. Being a transgender woman is a road full of trouble and loneliness. There is obstacles everywhere on the road. You should definitely prepare for that before. Even if you can't, find peace with yourself. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are not alone. As soon as you get pass that period of time, everything will be so much better. You are not alone. If you tell a transgender person about your sufferings, he/she would definitely fill you with another experience which is even more pity than yours. But there is always bright side. The motivate of being a woman will be the power of you carrying on. I assure you that the result will be very rewarding.

It may be hard to learn to love yourself, but please do. By keeping a balanced diet and things I mentioned above. Learn the changes of your body and add the femininity. You will be more confidence and happier definitely in the after-coming transgender dating.